Welcome to the official website of Longshot Voodoo

We are a swampy, acoustic jam band experimenting in groove-laden performances of original music and exceptional blues and rock covers.

Take a look around and get a feel for who we are, what we do, an what inspires us. 

To the right, you can check out our social media presences through Facebook, Twitter, and Reverbnation. You can also jump over to DC Culp's Website, where you can purchase our "Zen Cave Mojo" and other releases.

Be sure to check out the bio page to learn more abot who is in the band and how we got together. You can also see when and where Longshot Voodoo will be playing next.

We'll be adding press clippings, media, and other sights and sounds as time goes on.

Enjoy... and prepare to experience Voodoo-ization.