In 2007, guitarist Carl Eddy, bassist Matt West and vocalist Adrienne West joined forces to form The West-Eddy Trio, an acoustic act heralded by fans of the sound as “folk metal”. For four years, the Trio wrote together and gigged in many of the smaller clubs of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In 2011, they felt it was time to evolve to another level and added percussionist Don “DC" Culp, Motif Magazine’s “2010 Percussionist of the Year” and Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame inductee (Steve Smith & The Nakeds, 2013). To compliment the Trio’s unique style, Culp designed the Dun Dun Percussion set, the first known of its kind, which is a drum kit made entirely out of African Hand drums. Meld-
ing the essence of ‘60s and‘70s classic rock, blues, and New Orleans R&B, Longshot Voodoo combines the very best of acoustic rock, blues, folk and original music while entertaining audiences with their infectious rhythms and jams.

In 2013, Longshot Voodoo released their first EP, "Zen Cave Mojo" and played a spotlight set at the Unity Concerts garnering rave reviews and front page coverage on the Providence Journal Bulletin. In 2014, the band headlined for a standing room only crowd at the Courthouse Center for the Arts in the "Halloween Recovery Concert". Longshot Voodoo was nominated for the Motif Music Awards 2015 Best Americana Act. In 2016, Longshot Voodoo was the opening act at the 19th Annual Rhythm & Roots Festival. Last year, Adrienne was nominated for Best Female Vocalist in the Motif Music Awards. 

Most recently, Longshot Voodoo has been spending the better part of the past two years in their magical headquarters and recording studio "The Zen Cave" writing, producing and recording their first full-length album, entitled Voodoo Radio. The ten-track release is schedule to drop in the early summer of 2018. A pseudo-concept album, Voodoo Radio will tell stories and proudly represent the influences that have helped Longshot Voodoo's ongoing evolution.


Adrienne                                                            Carl
Adrienne West: Lead                                                       Carl Eddy: Guitar / Vocals  Vocals / Percussion   

Matt                                                            DC
Matt West: Bass Guitar /                                                   Don "D.C." Culp:  Dun Dun            Vocals                                                                     Percussion Kit / Vocals
Don Culp plays Everyone's Drumming Hand Drums and Vater Percussion